Frequently Asked Questions

1Why do you invoice?
It gives us time to review the order and confirm the delivery address of where you are staying. We must validate all information so we will need the following: Hotel or Resort name, EXACT address verifiable by google, the property manager or a front desk contact, and any door gate or entry codes so that we can deliver in a timely manner prior to your arrival.
2Why can't I set up an exact time for delivery or pick-up?
We will make every attempt to accommodate specific times for customers, but we cannot always guarantee exact times. Baby & Beach Family Rentals attempts to deliver items directly to your accommodations before arrival and to pick them up after your departure. We will make every attempt work with you including texting or calling to make appropriate arrangements.
3What if I need to cancel my order?
You can cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before the day of your delivery for a 100% full refund. Cancellations between 48 to 24 hours before delivery date receive a $20 service and booking fee, but the remaining amount is 100% fully refunded. Any cancellations between 24 hours and time of delivery do not qualify for a refund, as we have reserved those items for you and will not have time to rent them to other customers who may have been able to book them.
4Do you charge a damage waiver?
Absolutely not! We never charge our customers a damage waiver. Why pay for damages up front for something that may never happen? Most of our customers treat our equipment as if it were their own. If by chance something is damaged, we will notify after our inspection and cleaning and contact you with the current replacement cost of that item.
5Do you sell my information to other providers or store my credit card info?
6Do you use quality items?
We provide only brand name products that we would use for our own child. All items are safety tested and cleaned. Baby items are also washed and sanitized before each use. All equipment passes the Consumer Product Safety Commission standards and Canadian safety standards.
7Will I be charged if I damage or lose an item?
You are responsible for the full-replacement value of the item. Should the situation arise, we will inform you of the amount that will be charged to your credit card.
8Do you charge a cleaning fee?
Not unless the items are unusually dirty, but normally no we don't as we wash and disinfect everything. However, if the items are covered in food, sauces, formula, etc, we may charge you a nominal cleaning fee. This is typically just for baby items but sometimes it is also items such as chairs. Essentially if you wipe or spray the items down, you'll be fine. We do ask that there is absolutely no smoking around any of our products as this will result in an additional $20.00 cleaning fee.